21st Amendment Distillery, Vero Beach, Florida

Featured Project - 21st Amendment Distillery

For the owners of 21st Amendment Distillery in Vero Beach, Florida, their business is more than just a haven for spirits enthusiasts. Their goal is to create spirits worthy of Americans and carve out a space in Vero Beach that celebrates history and crafted tastes. They truly stand behind their values by donating their own branded cigars to U.S. soldiers overseas and creating their Wall of Honor, which showcases veterans’ stories and honors their legacies.

When 21st Amendment Distillery contacted A Head For Profits and told us about their mission, we were excited to partner with such a great team with big ideas. We were able to help by providing some needed equipment – an 8-tap cocktail direct draw system, just in time for their grand opening.

21st Amendment Distillery distills their own products from vodka to bourbon, and now they will be able to serve mixed cocktails on tap thanks to our A Head for Profits team. We provided them with 8 spin bases that will keep their premixed cocktails fresh, pouring perfect drinks every time. We also met with their beverage director to discuss and suggest on-tap items they can include in their growing beverage program.

We are proud to partner with a company like 21st Amendment Distillery that supports American veterans and current soldiers through their business. As their grand opening on September 4th, 2023 draws near, we are more and more excited for visitors to taste their delicious drinks and have an experience that captures the nation’s spirit. If you are ever in the Vero Beach area, make a stop by 21st Amendment Distillery to try their mixed cocktails or flavorful cigars. A Head for Profits wishes their team success as they prepare to open!

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