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Frozen Drink Machines for Bars and Restaurants

An image of A Head For Profits frozen drink machine

As cocktail trends become more unique, it’s a good idea for bar and restaurant owners to take advantage of the buzz and get frozen drink machines. Boozy frozen drinks are on the rise, and non-alcoholic slushies have always been a hit at any age. There are endless recipe possibilities for frozen drinks with and without alcohol, so having these handy machines can benefit nearly any establishment by expanding their drink menu. There’s nothing like having a refreshing frozen drink on a hot summer day, whether your drink of choice is a piña colada or a cherry slush. A Head For Profits offers frozen drink machine installation to all kinds of bars and eateries, and we can help you find the perfect machine to keep your customers refreshed.

Be The Hottest Spot In Town With Frozen Drink Machines

Fortunately, frozen drink machines are not just another piece of equipment to take up space. They have sleek and pleasing designs, complementing your bar’s aesthetic rather than detracting from it. They are incredibly user-friendly, so your staff won’t need to go through rigorous training to create the perfect frosty beverage. Frozen drink machines also retain more flavor in drinks compared to traditional blenders, and they are less likely to be contaminated by previous mixes used.

Thanks to recent advancements in frozen drink machine technology, the machines are increasingly accessible and affordable for people in the food and beverage industry. There are many different sizes and configurations available in a varying price range to accommodate any establishment’s needs.

Curious to know what kinds of concoctions you can make with a frozen drink machine?

  • Bushwackers
  • Smoothies
  • Frappes
  • Milkshakes
  • Spiked slushies
  • Frozen margaritas
  • Froze

And that’s only a few options. The ideas are endless, and all it takes is pouring in pre-mix and pushing a few buttons!

A Head For Profits Can Help Your Customers Chill

A Head For Profits provides installation of all kinds of equipment, standard and speciality, to the food and beverage industry. Our passion lies in designing custom installations of bar and restaurant equipment to make our clients’ visions a reality with efficient project completion and peak product performance. We offer only the best equipment so that every drink poured is of the highest quality. Our team can help you find the best frozen drink machines for your establishment, installing them quickly and seamlessly so you can get back to providing incredible beverages to your customers. If you’d like to speak with our team about our frozen drink machine selection, give us a call at 1-855-502-7936. Let’s make your bar or restaurant cooler than ever.