About Us

A Head For Profits came to the market with a plan to ensure that draft beer was being served to the brewer’s expectations. We often found that retailers weren’t managing the cleanliness of their draft beer equipment well, and when you serve draft beer from dirty lines and equipment it will create an off-tasting draft beer. At the same time customers were trying a draft beer and their expectations weren’t met, so they would switch to a different product (mostly bottled beer). Draft beer is one of the most profitable items in a bar, so not selling a perfect draft beer because of quality lessens the profits at our customers.

We currently clean draft beer lines regularly in 10 Southern states with a team of experts in the field of draft beer. Our team has Cicerone Server Level certifications, and we foster continuing education for them with in house Key Performance Indicator training and testing. Our team of professionals will always also train bar owners and key staff about the best practices on serving draft beer, repair and maintenance issues, perfect pouring conditions, beer clean glasses, and general knowledge about draft beer.

Our mission is to promote draft beer sales and service to meet the brew master’s standards. When managed correctly, draft beer will always be a better product, more profitable, and an eco-friendly product as well.

We strive to have our customers “Trust Us for the Perfect Pint” of draft beer. We foster continuing education for our employees, we ask out employees to train bar owners and staff about the best practices on serving drat beer, and we assist brewers and distributors in keeping the equipment clean and in perfect pouring condition.