American Craft Beer Week 2024

Get excited for American Craft Beer Week 2024!

The annual celebration of independent craft breweries across the United States is coming up fast! Are you ready for American Craft Beer Week 2024? Make the most of the most significant and finest national celebration of beer. American Craft Beer Week, happening from May 13 to May 19, 2024, is the perfect time to rally support from beer enthusiasts for small, independent breweries in the United States. This event promises to ignite enthusiasm within the beer community as we transition into spring!

What is American Craft Beer Week 2024? held the first American Craft Beer Week in 2006, and it has grown in popularity every year since. The event is organized by the Brewers Association, a trade organization that represents small and independent craft breweries. The goal of American Craft Beer Week is to highlight the unique flavors and styles of beer that can be found at independent breweries and to encourage people to support local businesses. With that goal in mind, your establishment stands ready to benefit.

How should my business celebrate American Craft Beer Week 2024?

There are plenty of ways you can commemorate the national holiday with your bar or restaurant. Here are five of our favorite ideas to help your wheels start turning:

  • Special Offers
    During American Craft Beer Week, bars and restaurants host events such as beer tastings, special releases of limited-edition beers, and discounts on beer or merchandise. We highly recommend doing so as well.
  • Partnerships
    Many breweries collaborate with local restaurants and bars to offer beer and food pairings. This week could be an opportunity to make a new business partnership or strengthen one your restaurant or bar already has with a local brewery. You could even create a special ACBW menu featuring craft beer pairings from local and regional breweries, including information about each beer’s flavor profile and brewing process.
  • Find Your Place on the Map
    Many cities and regions have organized beer trails or maps that make it easy to visit several breweries, bars, and restaurants in one day. Be sure to look into American Craft Beer Week 2024 maps or trails for your location and submit your information to be included. This is a great way for customers to try a variety of beers, and for you to sell a variety of beers.
  • Growlers and To-Go Sales
    Some prefer to celebrate at home, so be sure to take them into account. They might host a beer-tasting party to try new beers and learn more about different styles. Make sure you have growlers available and any other take-home options for people who want to celebrate American Craft Beer Week 2024 at home.
  • Host an Event
    You could host a craft beer-themed trivia night, and offer prizes such as gift cards to your business or branded “swag.” Alternatively, you could host a charity event featuring craft beer tastings and donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity or nonprofit organization. Be sure to use social media to promote ACBW events and specials, and encourage customers to post pictures tagging your bar or using your restaurant’s hashtag.

Have a Happy (and Profitable) American Craft Beer Week 2024!

American Craft Beer Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of the craft brewing community. This week is our country’s chance to appreciate the art and science of brewing and support the small businesses like yours that make it all possible.

We recommend taking the opportunity to celebrate with any of the ideas above, downloading free assets from the Brewers Association here, and ensuring your beverage dispensing equipment is prepped for a busy week with our line cleanings and preventive maintenance services at A Head for Profits.

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