Are You Considering Flow Meters In Your Draft Beer System?

We think that technology is increasingly more important to be adapted by the restaurant and bar industry. Flow meters work as soon as the beer flows, where the flowmeter generates a train of pulses proportional in frequency to the speed of the liquid passing through it. As a bar owner you receive real time tracking reporting on what is happening behind your bar, including if the draft beer is being rung into your POS, is your staff overpouring draft beer (this can include too much foam) and most companies offer a refrigeration report that alarms you when your cooler is not keeping its temperature.

A Head For Profits sells, installs, and cleans flow meters, so we are very familiar with them. They are hardened against high concentration cleaning chemicals, but it is important that we are using the right amount of chemicals. If you are cleaning your own draft beer system, make sure you are paying attention to your flow meters as well as the rest of your equipment.

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