Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew | Embracing a new customer?

As a beverage equipment company, it’s exciting to watch a small company live the adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  US consumers are undergoing a change in their expectations and businesses have to adapt.  One big change that we’re noticing is that day parts are no longer etched in stone.  For example, if a customer wants to eat a traditional breakfast at two in the afternoon or if they want a Nitro […]

Up Down Arcade Nashville TN

Powder Coated Beer Tower Nashville TN | Up Down Arcade

Up Down Arcade, located in Nashville TN, required a  HUGE powder coated beer tower — so we installed two! We created one that pours 60 total taps at their main bar and one that pours 30 on their rooftop. The tower at the main bar was so big and heavy that it needed to be unloaded with a forklift. Even then they couldn’t get it through the front door of the building. Our installers had […]

long draw draft beer system

What do I need to know about a long draw draft beer system?

Long Draw Draft Beer System A long draw draft beer system (sometimes referred to as a remote system) is necessary when your cooler is not right next to your bar and the tap. Building a long draw system requires planning and forethought to get it right. It also requires specialized equipment to push the draft beer from the keg to the draft beer tower at the correct temperature, so that foaming is not an issue. […]

Beer Taps Knoxville TN | The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Looking for an example of custom beer taps in Knoxville TN? Look no further! We love nothing better than making our creative brains work while we help you make your vision come to life! The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Knoxville asked us to create a tower for their bar that is in the shape of a tree trunk (they supplied the tree trunk).  We were able to have this insulated by Nordic and turned around […]