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Most bartenders think that they are serving draft beer to their customers using clean. But many have just never been taught what “Beer Clean” glassware is and what to do to get them. When you serve a draft beer in a dirty glass it ruins the customer’s experience and they won’t order a second beer.  

Keeping your glassware “Beer Clean” is key to serving your customers good draft beer.  To achieve this:

  • Maintain strict sanitary conditions in the glass washing area.
  • Glassware should be washed using a high-temp dishwasher if you use one at all.
  • Never wash glassware with utensils or dishes that are used to serve food.  Food particles and residue can affect the quality of draft beer.  This tends to be the biggest reason why you don’t achieve glassware that is Beer Clean.
  • Do not use regular household dish washing detergents for glassware.  They are fat based and will leave a slight oily film on the glass.  This causes beer to go flat quickly.  Use a detergent designed specifically for beer glass cleaning. This tip helps keep your glassware beer clean!
  • Store glasses at counter height or lower.  Smoke and cooking odors tend to rise.  If you have overhead glass racks, use them for liquor and cocktail glasses.  These drinks are not affected the way draft beer is.
  • Never dry glassware with a towel.  Towels are used frequently at the bar so it is hard to keep them clean and lint free.
  • Beer clean glassware is covered in the A Head For Profits draft beer training class.

If you have any questions please contact any one of our experts at A Head for Profits for more details.

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