Beer Training For Servers

Staff Training By A Head For Profits
A Head For Profits Performing Staff Training
Staff Training By A Head For Profits Improving A Bartender's Pour

All bartenders should know how to pour a beer, but you would be surprised how many do not. Serving quality draft beer will bring your customers coming back for more at your bar! Let us hold a training seminar on keg-to-glass operations covering the following:

  • The Keg – we show how beer flows out of the keg through the coupler at the ideal temperature and pressure settings.
  • How to obtain “Beer Clean” glassware
  • How to properly pour a draft beer
  • How gasses work with a draft beer system, such as Nitrogen, CO2, and blended gas

We will explain how all the above affects the taste and quality of draft beer.

As you know, serving a great draft beer will entice your customers to drink more, come back often, and appreciate their experience in your establishment!


Proper serving of draught beer creates a “controlled” release of carbonation that develops a better tasting beer and a complete sensory experience. The evolution of CO2 gas during pouring builds the head and releases desirable flavors and aromas.


Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle about two inches below the spout so that beer will initially flow down the side of the glass [NOTE: To prevent the transfer of bacteria, in no instance should a faucet nozzle touch the inside of the glass].

  1. Grip tap handle at its base, open the faucet quickly and completely, so beer flows freely.
  2. As the glass fills, gradually tilt it upright so that you finish pouring straight down the middle of the glass to build a one-inch collar of foam.
  3. Close the faucet quickly to avoid wasteful overflow.