Benefits of Wine on Tap for Bars and Restaurants

There are several benefits of wine on tap, including increased savings and sustainability.

What are the benefits of wine on tap? As a business owner, you have probably seen other bars or restaurants in your area adopting these kinds of systems. While we’ve traditionally served wine from a bottle in the U.S.,  you may be surprised to learn serving wine from a tap is preferred in many European countries and that there are several advantages to serving wine this way. From longer shelf lives to better taste and greener practices, wine on tap can be an excellent investment for your beverage program.

A Head for Profits has seen an influx of requests for wine on tap systems in recent years, and we have become huge advocates for this method of wine dispensing. We’ve seen several clients adopt these systems and save tons on reduced wine wastage while improving their business’ sustainability efforts. As a result, we’re outlining all of the benefits of wine on tap and why you should consider investing in a wine on tap system for your business.

How Does Wine on Tap Work?

Similar to draft beer, a wine on tap system dispenses wine from a keg. The wine is shipped in kegs via your winery or distributor and tapped into the draft system, where it is then dispensed by pushing the tap handle. The result is a beautiful, aromatic glass of wine, kept perfectly fresh by the sealed keg.

While wine on tap may seem strange, serving wine from a barrel or cask is a practice as old as Europe itself and yet we’ve been slow to adopt this method of serving wine in America. While this has started to change in recent years, the wine bottle has dominated the industry in the U.S. for quite some time. Many people believe that wine from a bottle is classier or better tasting, but we’re here to dispel those myths. Let’s get into all the benefits you can expect from a wine on tap system.

Go Green with Wine on Tap

It’s no secret that bottled wine has a huge impact on the environment. There are roughly 5.4 billion bottles of wine sold in the United States each year, and all of that glass and labeling must be disposed of. While glass recycling is helpful, many of these bottles end up in landfills or are unfit for recycling. That poses a huge issue for businesses that are looking to improve their sustainability.

Adopting wine on tap is the perfect solution for this problem. With wine on tap, you can omit your use of wine bottles or significantly reduce the amount you purchase, limiting your waste footprint. The kegs used for wine are reusable as well, making the waste reduction even greater. Additionally, reusable kegs reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional wine labeling and packaging. With kegs capable of holding up to 25 bottles, the shipping process becomes more efficient, resulting in less packaging and waste removal. This eco-friendly approach contributes to a lower overall carbon footprint for your restaurant or bar, resonating with consumers who prioritize businesses committed to sustainable practices.

Boost Your Bottom Line

In addition to sustainability, wine on tap can also save you cash. Since wineries and distributors ship the wine in kegs, this eliminates expenses related to bottles, labeling and packaging. This causes wine kegs to be much more affordable. While the kegs may be costly to ship, they hold over 100 servings of wine compared to a measly 4 in a wine bottle. Due to the reduced cost of kegs and higher quantities of wine, the savings from wine on tap add up fast.

Wine on tap doesn’t just save you money on the front end, though. Since the wine is stored in kegs, it remains preserved for much longer than a bottle of wine. Wine stored in kegs can last for months and taste exactly the same as the day it was first pulled. This is because inside the keg, oxidation cannot occur and change the wine’s flavors. In fact, many customers say that wine on tap is more flavorful and aromatic than bottled wine, creating a better drinking experience. Due to this extremely long shelf life, you’re much less likely to waste kegged wine than bottled wine. If you open a bottle of wine and don’t serve its full contents, it gets poured out at the end of the night. With wine on tap, you can keep your inventory for months on end.

Better Flavors, Happier Customers

Beyond your bottom line, wine on tap could be a new favorite amongst your clientele. As mentioned before, wine in kegs stays fresher longer and can even help accentuate the wine’s natural flavors and aromas. Customers may be shocked when they try it for the first time and realize that their favorite wine actually tastes better from a keg.

You can also pass your kegged wine savings onto customers. Since the kegs are most cost-effective and reduce or eliminate your wine wastage, lowering wine prices for your wine on tap could entice customers to order it more frequently. Once they see how great it tastes, they will keep coming back for more. Additionally, you can improve your service time with wine on tap by eliminating the need for tableside uncorking service. No customer will be unhappy when they get their glass of wine faster than ever before!

What About Cleanliness?

Many business owners are hesitant to switch to wine on tap because they fear these systems can lead to contaminants entering the wine or dirty lines. It’s important to understand that kegs preserve wine by staying sealed, preventing spoilage and contaminants. Unlike traditional wine dispensing methods where oxygen meets the wine and can lead to spoilage, wine on tap utilizes condensed CO2 to dispense the wine, ensuring that oxygen never reaches it.

When the keg is empty, it can be easily cleaned and reused. While some components, such as the wine lines, need cleaning, professional line cleaning services like those offered by A Head for Profits can help ensure your wine on tap system stays maintained and clean.

Get the Benefits of Wine on Tap from A Head for Profits

As you can see, the benefits of wine on tap extend far beyond first impressions. By adding this innovative wine dispensing method to your beverage program, you can create a more sustainable, cost-effective, and customer-friendly environment for your bar or restaurant. No more wasted wine, empty bottles to dispose of, or costly bottle orders.

If you’re ready to get a wine on tap system for your business, A Head for Profits is ready to support you. Our team provides expertise in implementing and maintaining wine on tap systems for the long-term success of your business, and we’ll help you choose the perfect system, train you on how to use it and provide tips and tricks for keeping it performing optimally. Give us a call at 1-855-502-7936, and we’ll get to work on a wine on tap system so you can start reaping all its benefits.

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