Keep Customers Comfortable with the Best Patio Heaters

A Head for Profits offers the best patio heaters for keeping your customers warm and comfortable during the winter months

Winter is quickly on its way, and if your bar or restaurant has been enjoying a little extra business from patio seating, why not keep it open with the best patio heaters? While you often see cheap, big-box store gas heaters on restaurant patios in the winter, these heaters don’t actually provide overall heat where it’s needed. This can lead to cold, shivering customers and a bad overall experience.

The key to keeping outdoor spaces warm, even in the winter, is getting the right kind of patio heater. A low profile, a sophisticated design and the ability to provide an even flow of heat is crucial for keeping customers warm and happy. That’s why A Head for Profits offers Bromic brand patio heaters – the best patio heaters for turning patio season into a year-round experience.

Bromic Heaters Provide the Best Overall Heating Experience

Recognized worldwide for their design and performance, Bromic heaters use patented smart-heat technology to warm your entire outdoor space effectively. All of their heaters, electric or gas, emit radiant heat that actually warms you, not just the air surrounding you. This results in an evenly warm environment, even in larger outdoor spaces.

A Head for Profits offers the best patio heaters for keeping your customers warm and comfortable

Bromic heaters are available from A Head for Profits in a variety of sizes and styles. We offer ultra-slim wall units, mounted ceiling units, standing units and more in a variety of colors. If you need a more flexible heating solution, Bromic’s portable heaters are an excellent option, warming areas of up to 215 sqft.

Due to their product versatility, Bromic heaters allow business owners to have customizable heating solutions for their bars and restaurants. Only Bromic offers gas, electric and freestanding heaters, covering all the bases for any establishment.

Bromic Heater Specs

  • Radiant heat that warms as well as your indoor heating units
  • Award-winning, sleek designs that blend into your environment
  • Ultra-slim profile to fit in your existing space – no need to reduce tables
  • Gas and electric models
  • Portable models
  • Various color choices by heater type

Get the Best Patio Heaters from A Head for Profits

If you’ve been reluctant to close your patio space for the winter months, Bromic heaters are the perfect solution for you. With their patented smart-heat technology and beautiful designs, you can keep your customers comfortable and give your business the revenue you enjoy from your outdoor space year-round.

If you have questions or are interested in Bromic heaters for your business, give the A Head for Profits team a call at 1-855-502-7936. We can help you design a heating solution based on your restaurant’s layout to ensure your customers stay warm all season long while keeping your business profitable.

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