Beer Taps Knoxville TN | The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Looking for an example of custom beer taps in Knoxville TN? Look no further! We love nothing better than making our creative brains work while we help you make your vision come to life! The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Knoxville asked us to create a tower for their bar that is in the shape of a tree trunk (they supplied the tree trunk).  We were able to have this insulated by Nordic and turned around quickly so that we could send lines through the middle of the trunk to the cooler on a different floor. This system is a long draw one where the trunk line also extends from this tower upwards creating a tree-stem look.  It’s such a unique and pretty finished product, and it fits the aesthetic of the Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant perfectly!

If you are looking for custom beer taps in Knoxville TN, please contact us and click here to submit an online service call!

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