CO2 Monitoring with CO2 Meter

CO2 monitoring from keeps employees safe and detects gas problems.

A Head for Profits has partnered with to provide vital CO2 monitoring services to our customers. CO2 is a silent and invisible killer, unlike smoke it’s odorless and colorless. Without mechanical help, CO can’t be perceived until it’s too late, which is why we felt compelled to encourage monitor installations.


Do your monitors meet regulatory requirements?


Yes, the CO2 monitoring services from meet:



One of their products, the remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm, complies with these regulations by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in ambient air with audible and visual alarms that can trigger three individual relays. These relays can trigger third-party devices like exhaust systems and fire panels. Needless to say, such responsiveness can be vital when it comes to the lives of your employees and guests.


Does CO2 monitoring take up valuable floor space?


Thankfully these CO2 meters require no floor space. In fact, International Fire Code calls for the device/sensor to be mounted 12 inches off the floor. Just ensure no extension cords are used, International Electrical Code prohibits the use of extension cords to connect the device to an outlet. With all the regulatory agencies we mentioned above, as well as the National Fire Protection Association and National Board Inspection Codes, if you ever have any questions regarding your building’s compliance please ask your local fire inspector to come by and inspect your space.


Where is the most important place for CO2 monitoring?


That would be the keg cooler. Keg coolers are the most dangerous place in any restaurant, bar, nightclub, stadium, or brewery when it comes to CO2. The cooler traps CO2 inside where it can’t dissipate. A fan in the cooler can’t exchange air or bring in fresh air, it’s only designed to keep the air in the cooler cool and moving. The majority of CO2-related injuries occur in walk-in keg coolers.


Why take the chance? Contact us today.


In all industries, controlling and monitoring indoor levels of carbon dioxide is important for the safety and health of everyone in the building. If interested in investing in CO2 monitoring, please contact us at 855-502-7936 or send us a message here. Be sure to request a calibration certificate at the time of purchase. can provide it free of charge for single-piece orders, but cannot provide calibration certificates once the device has left the facility.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does “silent and invisible killer” mean? CO2 is odorless and colorless, we can’t detect it by ourselves, only with the assistance of machines.

How can a machine protect me from a silent and invisible killer? If it detects carbon dioxide in your air, loud sounds and flashing lights will go off, as well as any exhaust systems or fire panels the device has been attached to.

How can CO2 leak from beer systems? Poor installation, faulty systems, and human error can all lead to leaks from beverage lines.

How much floor space does a monitor take? They are mounted to a wall and take up no floor space. International Fire Code requires them to be at least a foot off the ground.

Can I plug these devices into extension cords? No, International Electrical Code states that extension cords cannot be used to connect monitors to outlets.

What is the difference between a CO2 monitor and a CO2 meter? There is no difference, they are two terms for the same product.

Are CO and CO2 gases the same thing? No, CO2 is Carbon Dioxide and CO is Carbon Monoxide (di meaning two and mono meaning one).

How much CO2 is safe to breathe? Around 400-1,000 ppm is the safe level of carbon dioxide. At higher concentrations, like 5,000 ppm, toxicity and oxygen deprivation may occur.

What regulatory services does this service protect me from? These monitors can help businesses meet NFPA, IFC, NBIC, OSHA, NIOSH TWA, National Fire Protection Association, and National Board Inspection Codes requirements.

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