CSR Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

CSR Policies have been important to A Head for Profits, LLC (AHFP) from the start of our company and will continue to define who we are as a company. Our policies ensure that we adhere to our high standards in ethical hiring practices and behavior, environmental sustainability, and volunteer work.

Hiring Practices

We are always looking for the best candidate to fill our open positions regardless of race, gender, or age, and we welcome a diverse workforce. In order to accomplish this goal, we recruit from various job boards outside of the popular mainstream ones to attract a wide variety of applicants along with posting some job ads in Spanish.

Ethical Behavior

One of the first things a new hire experiences with our company is exposure to our Company Handbook. Our manual outlines policies to promote a harassment-free environment for our team and encourages employees to contact their direct manager or HR department with any complaints or concerns about how they are treated. This also extends to the 20,000 plus customers we service per cycle because our number one priority is the safety of our employees.

Environmental Sustainability

Our company has grown from a handful of employees to a significant number of Managers, Sales Reps, Draft Quality Techs, and Installers over the past several years. As we have expanded our footprint throughout the South Eastern United States, we have realized our “carbon footprint” has increased as well. We are committed to constantly evaluating our companies’ potential impact on the environment and ways we can improve:

  • 99% of our fleet is made up of fuel-efficient vehicles, including several hybrid electric/gas models.
  • We don’t use any diesel fuel engine vehicles.
  • Created a fleet manager position to monitor the driving habits of our employees and look at ways we can conserve fuel through more efficient routing.
  • Identified vehicle idle times throughout our fleet which saved our company close to $100,000 a year that equates to close to a reduction of 40,000 gallons of fuel.
  • Switched out brass components in draft beer systems to stainless steel, even though stainless steel is more expensive, it’s a much stronger metal and last longer. As a result, we significantly reduced our trips per year to replace broken parts on systems.
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Volunteer Work

Giving back is important. We enjoy opportunities that help others and are proud to support organizations that are doing great work in the field of helping others. There are many other ways that we volunteer, but a few that we have continually supported are:

We work closely with the High Hopes Development Center. Their mission is to equip children with special needs, youth, and their families with the skills necessary to achieve success through education, therapeutic services, and loving support.

Since we are well connected with the local beer industry, we take advantage of our relationships to secure product donations that go to fun events each year and directly raise money for Development Center.

For more information or to donate, go to https://www.highhopesforkids.org/.

We have several military veterans working at AHFP who are involved with a charity called Irreverent Warriors, which takes on the unfortunate realities of 22 veterans a day who take their own life. Their goal is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

For more information or to donate, please go to https://www.irreverentwarriors.com/.

Upturnships is an organization that transforms the lives of motivated, diverse college students and educates them on the skills needed to become professionals in the business field. They provide business training, coaching, and career planning to a select group of students, so they leave prepared, equipped, and experienced with a plan for the future. These students seek inclusion and impact in their future endeavors by working with employers looking for interns who can transition into valuable team members. Their Alums are trained and have a proven track record of driving results at their partner employer’s companies.

UpTurnships is staffed by volunteers who give their time and expertise to transform the lives of young professionals and start them on careers that matter. All of their volunteers see potential in young people and value the kind of teamwork and collaboration that comes with such an extraordinary effort.

For more information about CSR Policies or to donate, please go to https://www.upturnships.org/#home