Foam Issues with Light Draft Beer vs. Dark Beer and Craft Beer

Are you having foam issues?

We get lots of calls from our customers that are concerned about their light beers foaming during pouring while other brands do not. The root of these foam issues are related to the makeup of light beer. Light beer is brewed by isolating an enzyme that breaks down all the starches in barley, thus giving yeast more to eat and resulting in a beer with fewer calories. Light beer also has a lower iron content than other beers. When you compare the light beer with a real thick and hearty porter or heavier style beer, there is a lot of stuff in these heavier beers that allow the gas to hang out for another degree.

It is almost always going to be temperature-related where a light product at 39 degrees might act up and craft beer can take another degree or two because there is more stuff for the gas to hang onto. It’s just simple science!

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If you are having a foam issue with your beers, please click here to submit an online service call!

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