Harats in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL

This Harats location is the second job our great sales person Ozzy Z. has sold to the owner, Yuri (the previous Harats is in Hollywood FL.) Yuri is a craft beer enthusiast and he likes for his equipment to reflect his taste in beer, exotic and refreshing.

Ozzy met Yuri at this location about 3 months before he broke ground and he suggested an idea for his tower that Yuri absolutely loved. Yuri wasn’t sure that it was even possible to create and install a 24-tap hanging tower that is roughly 250 pounds, but A Head For Profits has done it before, and we’ll do it again!

The bluish color of the tower turned out to be a perfect color because it speaks to the restaurant’s theme looking out over the ocean, and the large design speaks to the open floor plan concept because it’s catchy and bright.

We think we hit the nail spot on with this one.


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