How Many Beers in a Keg and Other Common Questions

A young brewer in an apron holds a barrel with beer in the hands of a brewery. But how many beers in a keg?

When it comes to kegs, there are plenty of frequently asked questions such as, “How many beers in a keg?” To help with these common questions, we have put together this article to provide quick answers that will satisfy your curiosity. Not only that, but hopefully this information will prepare you with a response for the next time an employee asks a question such as…

How Many Beers in a Keg?

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The answer to this frequently asked question depends on the keg! 

  • Cornelius Kegs, which you might have heard called home brew kegs, Pepsi kegs, or corny kegs can hold 53 glasses (12oz), 40 pints (16 oz), or 10 growlers (64 oz) of beer.
  • Sixth Barrel Kegs, also known as sixtels or logs, can be filled with 55 glasses (12oz), 41 pints (16 oz), or 10 growlers (64 oz) of beer.
  • Quarter Barrel Kegs, sometimes referred to as pony kegs or stubby quarters, can hold glasses (12oz), 62 pints (16 oz), or 15 and a half growlers (64 oz) of beer.
  • Slim Quarter Kegs, also known as tall quarters, can similarly hold 82 glasses (12oz), 62 pints (16 oz), or 15 and a half growlers (64 oz) of beer.
  • Half Barrel Kegs, or full-size kegs, can be filled with 165 glasses (12oz), 124 pints (16 oz), or 31 growlers (64 oz) of beer.

Is There A Specific Temperature For Storing My Keg?

The recommended temperature for draft beer is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps sediment settled while also maintaining its refreshing taste. If beer gets too warm, not only will it decrease in freshness and develop an acidic taste, but it can also cause foaminess when poured. Always ensure your business’s kegs are properly chilled and never stored at room temperature. Doing so can lead to the growth of bacteria and other health risks. Storing draft beer at the optimal temperature is essential to maintain freshness and proper pouring consistency. 

How Long Does Draft Beer in a Keg Stay Fresh?

The answer to this one isn’t as clear cut as, “How many beers are in a keg?” or “What temperature is best for keg storage?” Assuming it’s being stored properly, draft beer in a keg can stay fresh for about 90 to 120 days for pasteurized beer (three to four months) and 45 to 60 days (six to eight weeks) for unpasteurized draft beer.

The length of time a draft beer keg remains fresh depends on many factors. Temperature, pressure, the variety of beer… all these and more can affect the flavor and quality of your beer. Generally, unpasteurized craft beers have a shorter shelf life than standard import and domestic beers. 

One way to determine when you need to stop serving draft beer from a keg is to check for a “born on” date or expiration date on your keg. The “born on” countdown starts at the brewery when the keg is filled, not when you tap it in your establishment. With some simple monitoring and maintenance, your kegs can provide quality drinks for your customers for quite some time!

Once A Keg Is Tapped, How Long Will It Stay Fresh For?

If you are dispensing draft beer from a keg using C02 or a similar draft system, then as long as the keg is stored at the right temperature and pressure, vapor loss should not affect the beer’s freshness. When determining how long a tapped keg will last, you can also follow the guidelines discussed above. Ultimately, how your beer is dispensed has a significant bearing on how long its keg stays fresh.

A Head for Profits Can Answer Any Questions You Have

With these answers readily available, we hope that you have gained some insights into your beer kegs. While these are four of the most commonly asked questions, A Head for Profits representatives are always available for any other inquiries that may come your way. Feel free to call us at 1-855-502-7936 whenever you need answers to your beer equipment questions!

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