Jockey Box Rental & Event Management

A Head For Profits Offers Jockey Box Rentals & Event Management For Draft Beer At Festivals, Sporting Events And Large Events.
Jockey Box Rentals & Event Management By A Head For Profits
Patrons Enjoying A Head For Profits' Jockey Box Rentals & Event Management Service

Our staff will manage your draft beer for beer festivals, arena and stadium productions, and all other types of large events. We tap draft beer for you, make sure your equipment is functioning properly, and that the staff serving your draft beer is set up to sell a lot of products!


We have multiple packages available depending upon your event needs. Our expert service technicians will set up, maintain, and break down equipment to keep your event running smoothly. Please contact us for pricing details.

The following will be included in the varying package for your event:

  • Jockey boxes will be delivered to the event by AHFP as instructed by the director of the festival or point of contact.
  • Draft tech will transport kegs from the keg truck or drop-off point to the designated event area. Initial starting inventory of kegs will be conducted at this time.
  • Each jockey box will be set up to pour beer with kegs tapped, CO2 or Nitrogen (not provided by AHFP) hooked up and the correct PSI setting on the regulator.
  • Volunteers or event staff will be trained on how to pour a beer from a jockey box and instructed on how to resolve any issues that could come up during the event.
  • Breakdown of all jockey boxes.
  • Return CO2, Nitrogen tanks or ice.
  • Return empty kegs or any full kegs to the original drop-off point. We will also check counts on the kegs to make sure they match with starting inventory (*AHFP is not responsible for lost kegs*).


Jockey Boxes are available with or without our draft techs for your next event.

  • Includes beer tubs to ice down kegs.
  • Deposit required on each jockey box and for each beer tub rented (waived when AHFP tech is hired).
  • This does not include delivery charges.
  • This does not include CO2, Nitrogen tanks, or ice.

Contact [email protected] for more information