Keg Cooler Design & Set Ups

Keg Cooler Setup By A Head For Profits
Keg Cooler Once Installed By A Head For Profits
Keg Cooler Lines After Installation By A Head For Profits

Keg Cooler Setups

You have to be good at visualizing and engineering to create the perfect cooler set up for your draft beer keg coolers and lines! When designing your draft beer system, we make sure that you have enough space in your cooler. You’ll also want to be conscientious about the number of kegs and backup kegs that will be in the cooler.

We also look at ensuring that the delivery men and your staff have enough room to work safely. We don’t want to disrupt them while they are performing their daily tasks! There are lots of ways to accomplish the cooler design, and we’re happy to assist at every step of the installation.

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