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Draft Equipment Cleaning By A Head For Profits
Equipment Cleaning Services

We will service your system on a routine basis to ensure your beer is served clean, crisp, and refreshing. Bacteria, yeast, and beer stone will adhere to the inside of the beer line, which results in an “off” tasting draft beer. With a regular and thorough cleaning service, it will remove any sediment and assure fresh-tasting draft beer.

We perform the following steps in our comprehensive cleaning process:

  1. Initial deep cleaning.
  2. Regularly scheduled cleanings.
  3. Quarterly acid renewal cleanings to target beer stone build-up.
  4. Faucets disassembled and cleaned at every visit; washers inspected and replaced as needed.
  5. Keg couplers are brushed and washers are checked for wear and tear.
  6. Monitor pour temperatures at every visit.
  7. Service records are kept on-premises.
  8. Our proprietary online system tracks when lines have been cleaned at each establishment and can be verified in real-time.

If your draft beer system needs line cleaning services, click here to request that one of our experts visit your bar.

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