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Long Draw Draft Beer System
Long Draw Draft Beer System Taps
Long Draw Draft Beer System

Long Draw Systems

A long draw draft beer system, (sometimes referred to as a remote system and long draw systems) is necessary when your cooler is not right next to your bar and the tap. To build a long draw system requires a lot of planning and forethought to get it right. It also requires specialized equipment to push the draft beer from the keg to the draft beer tower at the correct temperature so that foaming is not an issue.

What You Should Consider When Choosing Long Draw Systems

There are four main things to consider when choosing a long draw draft beer system.

First) Before installing beer lines, decide if you will run them overhead or underground. Depending on what you decide, pumping or pushing the beer will be most appropriate.

Second) You will have to take into consideration how far from the taps the keg storage will be located. This will not only help us determine the size of the system, but it will also help determine the cost of the system.

Third) Once you have decided if you want to pump or push the beer (overhead or underground), it is important to decide what types of beer you plan to serve. The types of beer you plan to serve will help determine what type of gas is needed to properly operate your new system.

Fourth) Deciding whether you want to pump or push your beer will also affect the type of gas used. For the pushing method, you will need to blend CO2 and nitrogen to a ratio to meet your needs. For the pumping method, you will need to maintain rack pressure on the vessel. The system will then will use CO2 to operate the pumps.

We employ well-thought-out engineering processes to ensure that it’s done right from the beginning and that you are pouring the perfect pint of draft beer every time.

As with all our sales and installations, our team listens to your needs, works within your budget, and helps you design the perfect draft beer system for your bar. Trust Us for the Perfect Pint!

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