Toast to National Rosé Day with Rosé on Tap

Celebrate National Rosé Day with a rosé on tap system from A Head for Profits

June 8 is National Rosé Day, and bar and restaurant owners have an exciting opportunity to embrace the pink-hued festivities with rosé on tap. For those in the food and beverage industry, this day offers a chance to entice customers with rosé specials and innovative cocktails. With rosé on tap, your celebrations will be that much greater!

From improved quality and cost-effectiveness to eco-conscious practices, rosé on tap—and wine on tap in general—is a game-changer for bars and restaurants. Let’s explore the benefits of rosé on tap, discover why this pink drink has become such a staple and learn some delicious rosé cocktail recipes to serve on June 8.

Exploring the Versatility of Rosé on Tap

Rosé wine isn’t just a pretty pink drink; it’s a beverage with endless possibilities. From classic still rosé to bubbly variations and refreshing rosé cocktails, the options are as diverse as the customers who love it.

Picture a frosty glass of Frosé on a warm summer day, or a sparkling rosé to elevate a celebratory toast. With rosé on tap, businesses have the opportunity to captivate their customers with innovative and delicious offerings.

Why Rosé on Tap is a Game-Changer

Offering rosé on tap isn’t just about serving up delicious beverages; it’s about enhancing your business in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons why rosé on tap is a smart choice for restaurant, bar, and brewery owners:

Consistency: With rosé on tap, you can ensure consistent quality and freshness with every pour, eliminating the risk of spoilage or oxidation.
Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for individual bottles, kegged rosé can be more cost-effective and efficient, saving both time and money.
Sustainability: Embracing draft rosé aligns with eco-conscious practices, reducing packaging waste and environmental impact.

Considering these benefits, along with the variety of beverages you can make with rosé, it’s no wonder that rosé and other wines on tap have become so popular in the industry. By switching to wine on tap, you can serve customers perfectly fresh wine faster than ever at a lower price point, all while reducing your bar’s carbon footprint.

Rosé on Tap Recipes for National Rosé Day

There are several ways to get creative with rosé! With the right dispensing equipment from A Head for Profits, you can easily make frozen cocktails, cocktails on tap and even more for National Rosé Day. To inspire your beverage menu for the celebrations, here are a few rosé on tap recipes that are perfectly refreshing and perfectly pink:

Frosé Slushie
In one of our frozen drink machines, mix draft rosé with ice and add a splash of simple syrup for a sweet, frozen treat.
Sparkling Rosé Sangria
In a draft cocktail mixer, combine draft rosé with fresh fruit, a hint of brandy and sparkling water on tap for a bubbly twist on a classic favorite.
Rosé Spritz
Mix draft rosé with elderflower liqueur, club soda and a squeeze of citrus for a light and effervescent cocktail on tap.
Rosé Refresher
In a clean cocktail glass, pour a splash of draft rosé and top it off with sparkling water from a Crysalli water dispenser for a refreshing and hydrating experience.

Whether your customers prefer a traditional glass of wine, a cocktail or a frozen beverage, you can do it all with rosé on tap. Let your bar staff express their creativity and craft their very own signature rosé on tap cocktails if you like!

Happy National Rosé Day!

This National Rosé Day, elevate your beverage offerings with the ease of rosé on tap. Whether you’re serving up refreshing Frosé slushies or creating your own rosé cocktails, A Head for Profits has the products and expertise to help you keep customers hydrated and happy. Cheers to a day filled with rosé celebrations and sustainable sips!

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