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It’s not your average cup of joe!!!!
Did you know that nitrogen is 80x less soluble than CO2 making it difficult to infuse into liquid? This means that using methods such as carbonating tanks or stones to make nitro coffee can result in different batches that are not consistent. With our NSF approved Micro Matic technology, we can infuse coffee instantly resulting in a perfect nitro pour each time. 
With several different equipment options to choose from, no matter how small or large your business, we have the equipment to match your needs. Our NIM (nitrogen infusion module) can be added to any existing cold brew coffee or tea system for consistent pours. Or try our Americano which is a stand alone keg cooler where you can have a cold brew line and a nitro version from the same keg. Our Cafe system is a compact countertop dispenser that flash-chills cold brew coffee and is ideal for hotels, bars  or restaurants with limited counter space.
Nitro coffee has other benefits as well by giving the appearance of sweetness from its thick, foamy head. This means a healthier option for your customers since adding cream or sugar is not necessary for that rich and creamy taste. Nitro cold brew is also less acidic and sour tasting than traditional coffee. 
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