A Nitrogen Generator for Wine-On-Tap and Draft Beer Pouring

Clean pours are just one of the benefits of a nitrogen generator

Nitrogen gas generators have become a go-to solution for numerous bars and restaurants across America for draft beer and wine-on-tap pouring. The versatility of nitrogen gas is unmatched – it prevents spoilage, balances carbonation under pressure, and delivers product from keg to faucet with maximum quality and keg yield.

Nitrogen generators provide a cost-effective and safe means of producing nitrogen on demand for beverage dispensing, eliminating the need for complicated and expensive nitrogen deliveries. At A Head for Profits, we’ve witnessed the rise of nitrogen generators through many projects and seen the incredible impact they can have on business operations similar to yours.

What is a Nitrogen Generator?

Our partner, Green Air Supply, has a quick and straightforward video describing these machines! They use selective

 separation to convert atmospheric air into nitrogen gas for various applications. For example, our industry uses nitrogen gas to simplify draft dispense, dispense beverages efficiently, maintain perfect carbonation, and maximize keg yield.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Create Nitrogen Out of Thin Air?

The nitrogen separation process is a fascinatingly straightforward one. It all starts with the air around us, which consists of approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. A nitrogen generator takes this atmospheric air and runs it through an air compressor, which provides compressed air to the separation column, packed with a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS).

Green Air Supply Nitrogen Generator

The CMS is a highly engineered carbon that separates the oxygen from the air, to purify the nitrogen component as the product. The result is an output of pure nitrogen gas, free of oxygen and any contaminants that may have been present in the original air. The purity of the nitrogen produced is paramount when dispensing your customer’s favorite beverage from your draft system, so it is critical to choose a reputable and proven system.

To ensure optimal results, the gas is sent through a gas blender before secondary regulators supply a blend of nitrogen and CO2 to your kegs. With your CO2 source connected to the integrated McDantim blender found in Green Air Supply nitrogen separators, you will have access to four gases from one: CO2, two custom CO2 and nitrogen blends, and pure nitrogen, all from one system.

Equally important is the reliability of this machine, so that you can consistently tap into the endless supply of nitrogen available from air and keep your draft products flowing to your customers. The on-site nitrogen system must cope with common problems that occur downstream with the kegs and products it is connected to. When reviewing the Green Air Supply build of nitrogen generator we note the full time monitoring, audible and visual alerts, and touchscreen enabled troubleshooting and diagnosis that eliminates downtime caused by leaks or overuse.

A Nitrogen Gas Generator Can Heighten Quality and Lower Costs for Draft Beer and Wine-On-Tap Pouring.

If your restaurant or bar isn’t taking advantage of nitrogen, know that doing so offers many benefits. For instance, businesses that use nitrogen to dispense beer or wine enjoy consistently perfect pours just as the brewer or wine maker intended. Using nitrogen for kegged cocktail and coffee programs enables pours that amplify the flavors and aromas they offer. Additionally, using nitrogen helps minimize oxidation, keeping your drinks fresher for longer.

If your business already uses nitrogen, you might be purchasing cylinders from a gas distributor. This is a common choice for many beverage system operators, but an expensive one. The repeating fees add up, and the cylinders occupy a significant amount of floor space. A nitrogen generator system, on the other hand, offers lower operating costs and environmental benefits.

Moreover, having an onsite generator system allows you to produce your nitrogen gas and avoid dealing with gas distributors, ultimately reducing overall costs and minimizing downtime for your draft beverage system. With the added energy efficiency of most nitrogen generators being able to operate off a standard 120V outlet, it becomes an even more compelling choice for any bar or restaurant.

Let AHFP Assist Your Business in Installing a GAS Nitrogen Generator.

Choosing the right nitrogen gas generator is critical to maintaining high-quality beverage standards and the safety of your work environment. At A Head for Profits, we pride ourselves on the systems we install, all chosen specifically to assist your operations. That’s why we have partnered with Green Air Supply as our preferred nitrogen gas generator supplier.

Not all nitrogen generators are created equal, and product purity and reliability are essential. By ensuring you have high-purity nitrogen gas, you can rest assured that your beer will remain in perfect condition for as long as possible. We have seen that level of quality time and time again from Green Air Supply.

If you want to ensure that your draft beer system serves up the perfect pour every time, connecting it to a nitrogen gas generator is essential. Not just any nitrogen generator either, but one built to meet the highest standards. With the right nitrogen generator, you’ll be well on your way to a perfectly poured pint every time. Get in touch with us, and let’s get one installed.

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