Get Organized With Keg Racks

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At A Head For Profits, we like to cover all the bases of bar and beverage equipment, including storage solutions such as keg racks. Keg racks are essential for keeping your beer cooler and back of house organized, and they offer an easier look at your current inventory to help you stay on top of ordering. Beverage equipment shelving also reduces clutter and obstacles on the floor, making walkways safer for staff.

A Head For Profits can help you choose keg shelving that fits perfectly within your space and helps your daily operations run smoother. We’ll consider the durability, ease of cleaning, size, and stability of different materials as we work on custom keg racks for your bar.

Custom Keg Rack Considerations

When you are looking into custom keg racks, it’s important to consider the cooler and product dimensions, allowing staff to navigate to products on the shelves easily. A cramped cooler can cause disorganization, and you’ll want to ensure the shelving you choose is optimized for the amount of space you have at your disposal. For additional safety, the keg racks must be installed securely, to a floor or wall in the cooler, to avoid tipping over and causing injury.

Another factor to consider is the durability of your keg racks. If you keep many kegs in storage at a time, you’ll want to make sure the material used in your shelving is capable of holding a significant amount of weight. A Head For Profits can ensure that the keg racks installed are durable enough to hold your keg inventory safely.

Custom Keg Rack Considerations

If you’re needing more organization at your bar or restaurant, A Head For Profits is here to help. We can install customized keg racks at your establishment that will help you stay on top of your keg inventory and provide more storage space in your coolers. Whether you have plenty of room available or need a custom designed storage solution, our team is ready to start on your next project. If you’re ready to talk keg racks, give us a call at 1-855-502-7936 and we’ll work together on a solution that is perfect for your bar.