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ConsultingMANAGERThere are a number of draft beer monitoring systems that will help your business and restaurant with detailed, real-time data comparing sales from your Point of Sale (POS) terminals relative to real-time pours captured through advanced flow metering technology. The resulting data is delivered to you in a meaningful format, accessible anytime from anywhere via an Internet connection.

A Head For Profits installs flow metering systems at your bar that helps you implement controls without impacting the guests’ experience.  By providing operators with a simplified data reporting mechanism that highlights slippage and data trends on a minute-by-minute basis, real-time, web-based system helps create operational transparency, complete accountability, prevents bar theft and maximizes bar profits.



Flow metering technology offers the following:

  • Unprecedented beverage monitoring and management
  • Internet-based, real-time data updated every minute
  • Time stamping of all pours and sales transactions
  • Ability to track staff and customer trends per shift, per store and per company
  • Easy-to-read variance reports highlighting slippage by individual item
  • Ability to monitor multiple locations from a single computer
  • Instant data collection and projected trends
  • Dynamic and real time marketing data essential for beer monitoring
  • Graphical advanced views and data analysis/analytics of data over any period of time
  • Data warehousing for life
  • Real-time pour cost
  • Web based reporting 24 x 7
  • Sales & Profit Analysis
  • On Hand Beer Inventory Management System
  • Graphing Tool
  • Multiple User levels
  • Quick and easy integration with existing dispensing systems
  • SMS / email / PDA alerts when user parameters are breached
  • A user-friendly web interface that is simple to read and navigate

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