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DSC_0331Regular maintenance for your beer system is essential. Beer systems tend to develop issues in small increments and bartenders are not likely to bring it to your attention until the problem is not tolerable.

This leads to wasted profits and costly hard failures. A Head For Profits offers a quarterly service contract for Preventative Maintenance that includes…

  1. SERVICE GLYCOL COOLING UNIT: Refract glycol, regenerate or replace as needed, chemically clean condenser, check for proper air flow around equipment, clean circulator motor air inlets, inspect circulator pump assembly for wear, check for proper thermostat operation and general functionality.
  1. LEAK TEST GAS SYSTEM: Tighten all gas nuts on keg couplers, physically inspect gas system components and lines for damage, and do a pressure test system.
  1. INSPECT PRODUCT SYSTEM: Check all visible sections of beer line bundle for tears or other damage, check F.O.B. devices for proper venting, check beer tower(s) for shank and or faucet damage.
  1. RECORD TEMPERATURES: Properly record cooler, glycol and pour temperatures.
  1. ADVISE MANAGEMENT on findings and proper system operation.

Contact your local A Head For Profits representative for more details and to set up your program today.  You can also email us at and we’ll quickly respond with the information you need!

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