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Restaurant Ice Maker Available At A Head For Profits

If you own a bar, brewery, or restaurant, a high quality restaurant ice maker is essential for maintaining good service and quality drinks. Depending on the type of establishment you run, your ice machine needs may differ from others. For example, as cocktail bars become trendier, we are seeing an increased interest in ice machines that are not only reliable but also can produce gourmet ice such as larger cocktail cubes and spheres. This kind of ice is becoming more and more popular, because a unique cube makes a mixed drink feel more sophisticated and special to a customer.

It’s crucial to find an ice maker that is dependable and produces high quality ice that your bar or restaurant can benefit from. There are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right model for your business. A Head For Profits can help make your search easier by identifying units that best suit your bar or restaurant and expertly installing them to ensure optimal performance. Our team has put together a few key aspects for you to keep in mind before making your ice maker purchase:

  1. Ice type and size: Every business has unique preferences or needs for the types of products used at their establishment, even ice! When shopping for a commercial ice machine, consider the kinds of beverages and foods being served and how different types/sizes of ice may improve the overall quality and presentation. If you own a cocktail bar, for example, you may consider a gourmet restaurant ice maker. These kinds of units can produce spherical ice, larger cubes, or other configurations that can elevate the drinks you serve.
  2. Ice production capacity: How much ice will your business run through on the average day? Depending on the volume of customers walking through the doors, your ice maker’s capacity will play a huge role in keeping up with service needs. Luckily, there are a variety of ice maker sizes available to match whatever capacity you may require, from small countertop units to more substantial models.
  3. Noise level: A noisy ice maker is a problematic ice maker. If your ice machine is causing a racket, your customers will likely notice (and turning up the music on your speakers won’t solve the issue). Be sure to ask about noise level when shopping so that your ice maker doesn’t distract from the desired atmosphere of your business. There are select models that have noise reduction features, which is especially helpful if your ice maker is stored near areas where customers are in ear-shot.
  4. Brand reputation and warranty: You want to ensure your investment in a new ice machine is protected, and this is where brand reputation and warranty coverage comes into play. As a business owner, you know that problems can arise over time with equipment. Choosing a trustworthy brand with a good warranty program is the best way to give you peace of mind for your ice maker purchase.
  5. Cost and budget: The priciest ice machine may not always be the right fit for your business. Check out your budget and consider upfront cost versus the long-term savings you’ll experience when investing in a quality machine. An ice maker’s purpose is to help your business run more efficiently, not break down after a few short years and drain your wallet. Focus on striking the balance between longevity, performance, and price.

These are only a few considerations that bar owners should make when they are looking at ice machines for their business. A Head For Profits specializes in high quality ice maker sales and installation, as well as all other essential bar and restaurant equipment, and we can make sure your new ice maker is equipped for your bar’s needs. We offer ice machine units of all kinds and can help you find the perfect model and install it with expert precision. Here are some of the types of ice machines we offer to our clients:

  • Custom modular ice makers that can produce cubes, flakes, or nuggets
  • Remote units that prevent heat and noise
  • Undercounter ice machines for saving space behind the bar
  • Countertop units with chewable nugget ice
  • Gourmet units that produce large cubes or spheres that melt slowly for cocktails
  • And more

We hope these considerations we outlined help kickstart your search to find a reliable, affordable, high-performance restaurant ice maker. We have an expert team at A Head For Profits who is ready to help you find the perfect model and get it installed quickly so you can start serving deliciously chilled drinks. Give us a call at 1-855-502-7936 to get started.

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