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We are in the COVID-19 pandemic together with you, and recognize that you may be shut down for the foreseeable future. Did you know that you have to treat your draft beer system differently during hibernation to ensure that your system is safe and will be ready to go when you’re back up for business?

The most important thing is to know what to do to keep your system healthy and make sure that you are not faced with unexpected expenses or quality concerns when starting it back up. If beer is left stagnant in draft lines for too long your system will be at risk of an irreversible bacterial infection.

Some quick things you need to know

• DO NOT leave chemicals in draft beer lines, as this could damage the tubing.

• DO NOT leave couplers or any other hardware on the floor or any soiled area.

• DO NOT leave couplers attached to kegs.

• DO NOT shut off glycol power pack. Turning off glycol could result in overflow or system failure.

• DO NOT cap or cover faucet openings or keg valves

We are here to help you with our draft beer equipment

Please call us at (855) 502-7936 for more details, or with any questions you may have.
We want to make sure that you know that we’re here to help you
with all of your draft beer equipment needs, now and in the future.
Trust us for the perfect pint.

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