Custom Beer Towers Nashville TN | Sixty Vines

Looking for unique beer towers in Nashville TN? Sixty Vines is the place to go. With over sixty varietals of wine on tap and both draft beer and cocktails on tap as well, you are pretty much covered! A Head For Profits was honored to install their wine on tap, beer on tap, and cocktails on tap systems in the new Nashville location.

Sixty Vines was founded with a desire to impact the world through environmental sustainability. That’s the biggest reason why we love a wine-on-tap program in a restaurant or bar. The custom towers they chose are some of the prettiest that we’ve ever seen, and they also use plenty of keg boxes to surround the outsides of their restaurant and house all those kegs of wine.

Consulting with the customer and Installing the custom equipment are just the first phases of the A Head For Profits service approach. We make it clear to our clients that we are always available for education, maintenance, and repair, to keep the wine flowing.  With this installation having such a large number of wines, we made many trips at first to get things set just the way it needed to be. This was such a fun project for us, and we loved working with this team!

To see many other projects like Sixty Vines view our Feature Projects page! Here you will find other brewing companies and businesses who have utilized our customization abilities to fit their own unique business brands.

If you would like to have custom beer towers in Nashville TN tailored specifically for your business like Sixty Vines, please click here to submit an online service call!

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