St Patrick’s Day Beer Statistics: How Much Beer Do Americans Drink on this Irish Holiday?

A pint of Guinness, a traditional St. Patrick’s Day beer

March 17th is a time for revelry, all things green, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day beer. Although traditionally an Irish holiday, beer drinking happens across the globe on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s no secret that Americans love their beer, but just how much are they buying for this famous drinking holiday?

Craig, our IT specialist at A Head for Profits, collected some fascinating St. Patrick’s Day beer sales statistics that showcase just how popular our favorite beverage is on this special day. Let’s dive into the numbers and see just how much beer Americans enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrating with Spirits (and Statistics)

In 2023, the United States witnessed a staggering $6.9 billion spent on St. Patrick’s Day festivities. This was a notable increase from $5.9 billion in 2022 and $5.1 billion in 2021. It’s clear that the allure of this Irish holiday continues to captivate American consumers, prompting them to open their wallets in celebration.

Nearly half of all consumers partake in St. Patrick’s Day festivities, with 44% joining in the merriment. Among these celebrators, 28% gather with family and friends, while 27% opt to venture out for a meal or drinks.

A Toast to Tradition: Beer Reigns Supreme

When it comes to libations, beer reigns supreme on St. Patrick’s Day. Over one-third (36%) of celebrators raised a glass in honor of the holiday, with beer emerging as the beverage of choice for 70% of those who purchased alcohol. Spirits and wine followed closely behind, with 34% and 29% of celebrators indulging.

St. Patricks Day Beer Trends Among Generations

Interestingly, younger consumers are shaking up tradition by forgoing conventional beverage options. Gen Z and Millennial celebrators are nearly twice as likely as the average consumer to opt for hard seltzers, with 29% choosing this trendy alternative.

Regional Preferences: From Pilsners to IPAs

Regional nuances also play a role in preferences for St. Patrick’s Day beer. Western consumers show a penchant for international lagers, while Midwesterners lean towards pilsners. Northeasterners, on the other hand, prefer IPAs, showcasing the diversity of beer culture across the nation.

The Luck of the Irish: Boosting Beer Sales

Irish beers experience a surge in popularity during the month of March, with household penetration doubling compared to the average month. Guinness and Smithwick’s, in particular, see a notable uptick in sales, with Guinness climbing from the 17th to the 9th most popular beer during March.

All Beers are Celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day

Notably, the entire beer category benefits from the St. Patrick’s Day beer festivities, witnessing a 2.3-point boost in household penetration from February to March. This surge underscores the profound impact of St. Patrick’s Day on beer sales nationwide.

Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day Beer Drinking!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the statistics speak volumes about Americans’ love affair with beer on this festive occasion. From traditional brews to emerging trends, St. Patrick’s Day continues to unite us in celebration. So, as you raise a glass in honor of the Emerald Isle, remember the statistics behind the celebration—and savor every sip of that perfectly poured pint.

For all your beverage dispense needs, trust A Head for Profits to elevate your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Contact us today to ensure your taps flow smoothly and your beer pours perfectly this holiday season. Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day beer and the joy of sharing a cold one with friends and family!

*Data Source: Numerator’s 2023 Holiday Survey, based on responses from 5,263 consumers.

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