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A young brewer in an apron holds a barrel with beer in the hands of a brewery. But how many beers in a keg?

How Many Beers in a Keg and Other Common Questions

When it comes to kegs, there are plenty of frequently asked questions such as, “How many beers in a keg?” To help with these common questions, we have put together this article to provide quick answers that will satisfy your curiosity. Not only that, but hopefully this information will prepare you with a response for the next time an employee asks a question such as… How Many Beers in a Keg? The answer to this […]

CO2 monitoring from CO2Meter.com keeps employees safe and detects gas problems.

CO2 Monitoring with CO2 Meter

A Head for Profits has partnered with CO2Meter.com to provide vital CO2 monitoring services to our customers. CO2 is a silent and invisible killer, unlike smoke it’s odorless and colorless. Without mechanical help, CO can’t be perceived until it’s too late, which is why we felt compelled to encourage monitor installations.   Do your monitors meet regulatory requirements?   Yes, the CO2 monitoring services from CO2Meter.com meet:   NFPA requirements IFC requirements NBIC requirements OSHA […]

Go Green with Zero-Waste Practices

Go Green with Zero-Waste Practices

Learn How A Head for Profits Can Help Zero-waste operations showcase your business’s sustainable practices. Zero-waste, sustainability, environmentally friendly, green… these are all different names for the same philosophy that encourages the reuse of products (kegs, cups, plates, cutlery, etc.) and attempts to keep trash sent to incinerators or landfills as low as possible. What are the best beverages for zero-waste operations? Any sort of beverage on tap is the most sustainable choice when serving […]

Common problems with draft beer systems

Common Problems with Your Draft Beer System

What are some common problems with draft beer systems? Problems with the draft beer system could lead to poor quality beer, dissatisfied customers, and lower sales. It’s very important for every staff member to learn to troubleshoot the following problems that could be affecting your system: No beer is coming out. It could be as simple as checking to see if the keg is empty! If the keg is empty, there will be a rush […]