Benefits of A Through Wall Beer Tap

When space permits, we always recommend installing a through wall beer tap at your restaurant or bar.  These systems eliminate the need for long trunk lines, and deliver beer to the tap with the shortest distance from keg to tap. This allows for the beer to remain colder longer, and also maintains the taste of the beverage as it is traveling from the keg, through the wall, to the tap. 

There are 4 main benefits to this system: 1) Your beer stays true to temperature. 2) The CO2 gas used to move the beverage does not have to push as hard. 3) Because the beverage is traveling a shorter distance, you will likely get less foaming. 4) Replacement or repair of draft lines or broken parts are easier to determine and easier to fix.

These beer tap systems are customized to your space to provide a visually appealing wall of beers with optional number of tap options for your customers.  We offer custom designed backgrounds and a variety of finishes for the beer taps. Our finishes include brass and stainless steel to powder coated.

You’ll also want to seek expert advice on where to install the system, and what obstacles may need to be worked around based on wall placement.

More Information

To find out more information about through wall beer tap systems, please Contact Us.

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Featured ProjectCharlotte Beer Garden


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