Top Beverage Trends 2022

Taps in a bar, one of the top beverage trends in 2022

Five of the Top Beverage Trends in 2022

At A Head for Profits, one of the top beverage trends we’ve seen are 2022 is drinks on tap. Beer is included in that, of course, as well as wine, coffee, champagne, and more! Taps address the limitations created by restaurant labor shortages by simplifying pouring any beverage down to a quick and easy task. For that reason and many more, we see all our favorite drinks on tap in 2022!

1. Draft Beer on Tap

Chances are we all have experienced drinking this beverage on tap. Draft beer on tap stands strong as one of the most popular beverage trends in 2022. One of our most common services is actually maintaining those tap beer systems on a routine basis—to ensure the beer gets served clean, crisp, and refreshing. Clean draft lines aren’t just a preference from drinkers but also a matter of safety. Inside that beer line is where bacteria and yeast can grow, causing a draft beer to taste odd. Our cleaning service removes any sediment to ensure customers receive the freshest-tasting draft beer from the tap.

2. Wine and Champagne on Tap

If your clientele favors wine and champagne more than beer, then we have good news for you! Taps are a favorite way of distributing those beverages as well. Customers love wine and champagne on tap, and you will, too—thanks to the elimination of bottles! When a bottle gets opened, oxygen changes the taste of wine and causes champagne to go flat. Unless an entire bottle gets sold shortly after it’s opened, the product will only worsen over time and end up down the drain. A tap keeps these beverages fresh because the wine or champagne is pressurized by an inert gas inside the keg, preventing oxidation. This allows every last drop to be served, regardless of when the first glass was poured.

3. Nitro Coffee on Tap

Nitro cold brew isn’t just for major corporate coffee chains; any restaurant can serve coffee on tap! Cold brew on tap is a best seller during warmer months, but plenty of customers prefer a cold drink even during winter. Cold brew can also be charged for more than a single cup of coffee, making it a profitable offering. Who knows, if you want to go the extra mile, you could create a cold brew cocktail!

4. Cocktails on Tap

That’s right—we are even serving cocktails on tap in 2022! Mixed drinks ready-to-serve from the quick convenience of a tap cuts down on drink preparation time for your limited staff. If you are not sure where to start, give us a call! Our industry experts can provide recipe ideas to wow your customers, increase your beverages’ profitability, and reduce wasted alcohol. Liquor taps aren’t that different from those used for draft beer. You just mix your cocktail into a keg that sits on a “spin stick” to keep the cocktail well mixed, hook the keg up to a keg-and-tap system, and lastly, use an inert gas to push the liquor through under low pressure.

5. Self-Pour Stations

Last but certainly not least, we see self-pour stations in restaurants and bars gaining popularity across the United States. The ability to self-pour allows establishments to rotate beverages at a high rate while keeping things new, modern, and fresh for guests.

Let Us Help You “Tap” into 2022’s Trends

At A Head for Profits, we serve bars and restaurants looking to capture thirsty guests with contemporary takes on wine, beer, and more. With many establishments still experiencing labor shortages, we know that owners like yourself are looking for ways to make things easier on limited staff without cutting corners on the quality and profitability of your product. We believe that beverages on tap are one of the best ways to do that.


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