Walk-In Draft Coolers

Why is a walk-in draft cooler important?

Looking for a walk-in draft cooler?  A well-built draft beer system is key to pouring the perfect pint—not the bartender. In order to design draft beer systems that perform well, it is important to understand the dispensing environment and the expectations of your customers. There are a number of key factors that play a role in maximizing taste, quality, and profitability, no matter whether you are using an at-home kegerator or a commercial draft beer system. In order to guarantee the highest quality pour every time,  A Head for Profits knows how these systems work inside out.

A Head for Profits provides expert service and extensive knowledge in helping you build your draft beer system, and we have partners that we can recommend to you as you select the proper walk-in cooler for installation in your bar. Walk-in coolers for draft beer systems require special design and engineering. Walk-in coolers are installed both indoors and outdoors, and they are built to your specification, or they can be pre-built. It all depends on your wants and needs!

Most draft beers require that the temperature be a consistent 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, draft beer and food should never be stored in the same locations. Even the slightest rise in temperature can result in too much foam for your draft beers!

If you would like to learn more about walk-in draft coolers, view our Featured Projects page! Here you will find other brewing companies and businesses who have utilized customization abilities to fit their own brands.

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