What are some pros and cons of FOB’s (Foam on Beer)?

Foam on Beer

Foam on Beer

Foam on beer is a draft component placed in a cooler that detects when a keg of beer is emptied, and then goes to work to shut down the beer flow. This eliminates gas and spits of beer from pouring out of your taps. As you re-tap a full keg onto that same line it will also preserve your newly tapped beer from foaming before it pours as it should.  In other words, with a FOB installed on your beer line, you will experience much less foaming when your keg hits empty, and when you tap the new keg, your tap will immediately pour beer. Very little foam waste, no serving down time for your customers, and none of the extra labor costs involved when an employee spends their time cleaning up the cooler where a blown empty keg has made a mess.

FOB’s are also usually a misunderstood draft component in a bar. Generally newer employees and managers are asked to change the keg without knowing the steps to take in resetting a FOB. The staff must be trained on how they work. Another issue is maintenance. Since the FOB is full of beer, it will get dirty in the same way other equipment will. They turn sticky and are hard to reset, or worse, when the bleed valve (vent) gets dirty enough, it will stick in the open position, and you can bleed a whole keg through it and lose all that product.

We highly recommend FOB’s to our customers who have either a Long Draw draft beer system, or a Through The Wall draft beer system. They are an inexpensive way to control shrinkage in your bar.

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