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Draft Beer Systems

The growing craft beer market has kept us seriously busy lately. We are at an all-time high in the number of draft beer systems that we are selling and installing. To keep your draft beer flowing properly you need to know the two most important parts of your system are refrigeration and gas. The most asked question by far that our customers have about a new system are related to how the gas plays into it all.

To get it right, it’s important that the flavors and pouring characteristics of the beer are meeting the brew master’s standards. This cannot happen without a proper gas system. Once we find out what our clients’ concept will be, and the types of beer that they anticipate serving, we can guide them toward just the right gas system to install. It is not a one size fits all solution either, as we still rely on our friends in the gas dispensing industry as well to help us out.

The gas system alone will not create the perfect draft beer, it also important to make sure that you have a cooler system that maintains a consistent temperature for your draft beer from cooler to faucet. It is also important to note that the lower the temperature of the beer, the easier it absorbs CO2. The higher the temperature, the more easily CO2 escapes from the beer, causing extra foam. We all hate foamy beer (it equals profits pouring down the drain as well as a slow speed of service). Therefore, it is important to maintain the correct temperature recommended for serving the beer.

When we look at the space and configuration that a bar has in their business for refrigeration, we can then suggest the perfect type of cooling unit based on your budget.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our experts to ask any questions that you may have about adding a draft beer system to your place of business. Trust Us for the Perfect Pint!

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