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Do you remember when screw caps on wine bottles were looked down upon and not accepted by wine industry professionals? We do too. And now we know screw caps have a much lower failure rate than traditional corked wines because they don’t allow any oxygen into the bottle. This insures each bottle of wine reaches customers in peak condition. 

Once a bottle of wine is opened, oxygen will begin to change the taste of the wine. Unless the entire bottle is sold shortly after its opened glasses served the day after will not taste the same and only get worse over time. The result is inconsistent pours or complaints from customers which could lead to wasted product. 

This doesn’t happen with draft wine on tap because the wine is constantly pressurized by an inert gas inside the keg, preventing oxidation. This allows every last drop to be served and the revenue collected. Think of wine on tap as the screw cap of wine bottles. It’s perfect for every bar, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or any other wine by the glass establishment. 

Still not convinced? How about the green aspect of wine in kegs? Check out some of these stats our friends at FreeFlow Wine put together: 

  • 96% reduction in CO2 footprint with reusable stainless steel kegs. 
  • One steel keg saves the CO2 equivalent to that sequestered by 28 trees. 
  • Each steel keg put into service eliminates the carbon emissions equal to taking a car off the road for 2 years. 
  • Each steel keg will save 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime (think all the wine bottles saved!!). 
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