A happy group of family or friends enjoying the best beer for Thanksgiving.

What’s the Best Beer for Thanksgiving?

Boost your pint and growler sales this season by pairing the best beer with traditional entrees and sides for Thanksgiving dishes. Your friends at A Head for Profits have put together this guide to help you choose which beer that is. No matter what your customers are feasting upon, there’s a beer that will help them to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal to the fullest. This year, make it a great holiday with the perfect Thanksgiving […]

CO2 monitoring from keeps employees safe and detects gas problems.

CO2 Monitoring with CO2 Meter

A Head for Profits has partnered with to provide vital CO2 monitoring services to our customers. CO2 is a silent and invisible killer, unlike smoke it’s odorless and colorless. Without mechanical help, CO can’t be perceived until it’s too late, which is why we felt compelled to encourage CO2 monitor installations.   Do your CO2 monitors meet regulatory requirements?   Yes, the CO2 monitoring services from meet:   NFPA requirements IFC requirements NBIC […]

Go Green with Zero-Waste Practices

Go Green with Zero-Waste Practices

Learn How A Head for Profits Can Help Zero-waste operations showcase your business’s sustainable practices. Zero-waste, sustainability, environmentally friendly, green… these are all different names for the same philosophy that encourages the reuse of products (kegs, cups, plates, cutlery, etc.) and attempts to keep trash sent to incinerators or landfills as low as possible. What are the best beverages for zero-waste operations? Any sort of beverage on tap is the most sustainable choice when serving […]

Taps in a bar, one of the top beverage trends in 2022

Top Beverage Trends 2022

Five of the Top Beverage Trends in 2022 At A Head for Profits, one of the top beverage trends we’ve seen are 2022 is drinks on tap. Beer is included in that, of course, as well as wine, coffee, champagne, and more! Taps address the limitations created by restaurant labor shortages by simplifying pouring any beverage down to a quick and easy task. For that reason and many more, we see all our favorite drinks […]

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