A pint of beer in front of a chalkboard showcasing the intricacies of beer math.

Beer Math: How to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Walk-in Cooler

We all took a math class or two in school, but have you ever heard of beer math? In the world of beverage management, precision matters. Just as a baker meticulously measures ingredients for a recipe, businesses need to calculate the right amount of kegs and storage space for their walk-in cooler. This process, called “beer math” by our partners at Cooler Concepts, is essential for efficient and safe operations in the beverage industry. Understanding […]

A Head for Profits teaches how to pour a Guinness the right way.

How to Pour a Guinness the Right Way

We’re getting closer to St. Patrick’s Day, which means it’s time to learn how to pour a Guinness as the makers intended. When thirsty revelers come into your bar on the famous drinking holiday, this will be a beverage that many will be craving. If your staff isn’t well-versed in the proper pouring technique for Guinness, you may end up serving pints full of froth to your customers, a nightmare for St. Paddy’s service. You’ll […]

A pint of Guinness, a traditional St. Patrick’s Day beer

St Patrick’s Day Beer Statistics: How Much Beer Do Americans Drink on this Irish Holiday?

March 17th is a time for revelry, all things green, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day beer. Although traditionally an Irish holiday, beer drinking happens across the globe on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s no secret that Americans love their beer, but just how much are they buying for this famous drinking holiday? Craig, our IT specialist at A Head for Profits, collected some fascinating St. Patrick’s Day beer sales statistics that showcase just how popular […]

Top 5 2024 Beverage Trends to Pay Attention To

For bar and restaurant owners, navigating the ever-shifting currents of customer preferences can be challenging. Choosing a new type of beverage or purchasing a new beverage system is a big investment, and understanding current trends can help you make better decisions about your offerings. As your partner in beverage solutions, the team at A Head for Profits has created this guide to beverage trends in 2024 so you can make sure your business capitalizes on […]