Our Featured Beer Tap System Projects

Draft Beer Tower Charleston | The Tavern at Rainbow Row

Serving Charleston since 1686, The Tavern at Rainbow Row is the located next to the oldest liquor store in the country and is an iconic historic attraction in Charleston. This customer came to us with a unique concept for this purchased previously draft beer tower in Charleston SC. This building, being built in the 1600’s, presented lots of challenges, however, our crack team of experts were able to provide unique solutions to help this client’s […]

Honeycomb Beer Tap Hilton Head | Nectar Farm Kitchen

One of the largest, most well-known hospitality groups came to us with a totally new concept for Nectar Farm Kitchen—a honeycomb-themed beer tap in Hilton Head. We had worked with the SERG Group on several other concepts, so they trusted our work. When their design team came to us with a honeycomb pattern, we were able to work with our custom tower designers to supply the SERG Group with a tower that not only had […]

400 Beer Taps Charlotte | Charlotte Beer Garden

Our top saleswomen (Hannah Pennell and Kat Davis) were out selling in the Raleigh area and heard that the Raleigh Beer Garden team was planning to open a new beer garden with 400 beer taps in Charlotte NC. Doing what they do best, they asked for a meeting with the Director of Operations for the Hiberian Hospitality Group, a very well-known, greater Raleigh area hospitality group. The duo found out the details about this project […]

96 Beer Taps Nashville | Lucky Bastard

  A new honky-tonk in town and you might call it a Lucky Bastard! It’s plum hard to create special, custom beer taps in Nashville look to fit a country theme! Lucky Bastard called us and said this saloon needed a lot of pre-engineering efforts to make the 96-tap system with 6 custom pipe towers secure.  We were up to the challenge, as a lot went into this job including building custom brackets to support these […]