Does Your Bar Need A Direct Draw Beer System?

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A direct draw beer system is an excellent option for bars that have keg storage close enough to their taps. They are typically very efficient due to shorter beer lines, with the added convenience of direct connection from keg to faucet. They are straightforward to operate and are the most commonly used draft beer system.

Additionally, direct draw systems are usually less expensive than long draw glycol systems since they do not require glycol chilling or extensive installation. The cost will vary of course, depending on the number of beer lines and the type and quality of the installation. In general, direct draw systems can often be a more cost-effective yet high-performing draft beer dispensing solution.

How a Direct Draw Beer System Works

There are several components within a direct draw beer system that work to maintain the beer quality, temperature, and pressure, ensuring that you get a perfect pour each time. Here’s how all of the parts come together:

Keg Storage: The kegs are stored in the walk-in or kegerator. The refrigeration keeps the beer at the optimal temperature for serving, usually around 34-38°F. The direct draw system is also installed here.

Tapping the Keg: The tower or faucets are directly connected to the kegs through the cooler. If the kegs are stored in a kegerator, we call this a “self-contained” system. If the kegs are stored in a walk-in, the beer lines must be installed through the wall, which is why this setup is referred to as a “through the wall” system. The kegs are tapped inside the cooler using a coupler or keg valve, which is connected to the beer lines.

Beer Line: The beer lines in the system carry the beer from the keg to the tap. As the beer travels through the beer lines, the cold air in the cooler circulates around them to keep the beer cold. The beer then dispenses into the pint glass, creating a nice head of foam on top.

While direct draw beer systems are extremely easy to use, there are still some maintenance tips to be aware of. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the lines, faucets, and keg system free of contaminants. This maintains the beer’s quality and prevents off-flavors. Fortunately, since the beer lines are much shorter in these systems, cleaning is made much easier.

Direct draw systems can be highly profitable draft beer dispensing systems if installed correctly and maintained properly. It’s essential to hire competent installers with plenty of experience with direct draw systems to ensure the correct equipment is used and that each component is functioning properly.

A Head For Profits Draft Beer Systems

The A Head For Profits team has helped countless bars, breweries, and restaurants find their perfect, custom draft solution. We hope this guide to the direct draw beer system is helpful to new business owners or those in search of a new beer system. Our passion lies in seeing our clients’ businesses thrive, and we are honored that our systems are a part of their successes.

If you have more questions about direct draw systems, long draw, beer towers and more, give us a call at 1-855-502-7936. Our experts can help answer all your questions so you can find the perfect beer dispensing solution.

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