400 Beer Taps Charlotte | Charlotte Beer Garden

Our top saleswomen (Hannah Pennell and Kat Davis) were out selling in the Raleigh area and heard that the Raleigh Beer Garden team was planning to open a new beer garden with 400 beer taps in Charlotte NC. Doing what they do best, they asked for a meeting with the Director of Operations for the Hiberian Hospitality Group, a very well-known, greater Raleigh area hospitality group. The duo found out the details about this project and were able to successfully get the job.

A Head For Profits already serviced the Raleigh Beer Garden for regular line cleaning services and their management team appreciated our high standards of quality service and the turnaround times taking care of the Raleigh Beer Garden.

We began the project with 400 beer taps in Charlotte on 3 different floors. Planning and designing 150 – 200 taps on a wall takes a team, and we received a great deal of help from Micro-Matic on the tap layouts. During the build out stage the Raleigh Beer Garden added more taps to their bar, forcing us to add 32 more taps to the beer garden in Charlotte! The Charlotte Beer Garden now has the world’s largest selection of draft beers available in one restaurant, and we are super proud to have played such a big role in that.

To achieve this feat, we had to also plan and execute the beer walk-ins. We have never seen so much draft beer equipment in one place before! The restaurant is now up and running, and we’re so proud of how it turned out. Thanks Charlotte Beer Garden for Trusting Us For The Perfect Pint!

Fun fact: This account has an actual tree in the middle of the bar.

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