Honeycomb Beer Tap Hilton Head | Nectar Farm Kitchen

One of the largest, most well-known hospitality groups came to us with a totally new concept for Nectar Farm Kitchen—a honeycomb-themed beer tap in Hilton Head. We had worked with the SERG Group on several other concepts, so they trusted our work.

When their design team came to us with a honeycomb pattern, we were able to work with our custom tower designers to supply the SERG Group with a tower that not only had a similar honeycomb look but also had bees in the honeycombs on the tower. This might be the only tower in the US. with bees and honeycomb design!

Their concept is so popular they are opening another Nectar Farm Kitchen location that we are working with them on in Bluffton, SC.  We love being busy as bees with the SERG Group!

If you’re looking for a custom beer tap in Hilton Head SC for your business, please click here to submit an online service call!

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