Beer Tower Knoxville TN | Daddy Mac’s

Dave McFarland, the owner of Daddy Mac’s, desperately needed a custom beer tower near Knoxville TN. You would never know that this Powder Coated Long Draw system and Wine on Tap equipment were accomplished on the fly! Dave called late on a Friday and needed a system installed as soon as possible in his Farragut, TN location.  We were able to get this job turned around quickly and Dave now has the perfect equipment that his restaurant needs. Kudos to the Installation team they were able to schedule him accordingly.

It is honestly quite a miracle that we were able to complete the work we did in such a short amount of time. Building a customer beer tower in Knoxville TN, especially a powder-coated long draw system, requires a lot of planning and forethought to get it right. It also requires specialized equipment to push the draft beer from the keg to the draft beer tower at the correct temperature so that foaming is not an issue. Needless to say, we are very proud of the work we did for Dave and Daddy Mac’s!

More recently, Daddy Mac’s also opened a second location in October 2021. We had the honor and privilege of assisting Dave in this installation as well! Luckily, this installation was not needed on the fly, so we were more than happy to oblige and had more than enough time to prepare.

The on-the-fly projects that Dave throws at us keep us alert and on our toes, but we are not complaining. We love it! Keep calling us Dave, we’re always happy to “Come to Papa” when you call!

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