Rendezvous Junction Brewing


The phenomena of friends coming together (rendezvous) at a place (junction) to enjoy great tasting beer was the inspiration behind their brand name. The train was incorporated into their branding because Rogers, AR was founded as a stop on the St. Louis and San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad on May 10, 1881. But just look at this amazing custom draft beer tower. We at AHFP think it might be one of our favorites!
Mike Peerson, Founder and CEO came to us asking for a custom tower that not only fit the ascetics of his new brewery but functioned to perfection. To minimize loss, he wanted the tower connected directly to his walk-in cooler. We loved the process of helping him create his vision and seeing it come to life.
Individual regulation and blended gas enable this system to work perfectly, and we are looking forward to Mike expanding into other markets. We know they’ll be a big hit anywhere they go!

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