Draft Beer Tower Charleston | The Tavern at Rainbow Row

Serving Charleston since 1686, The Tavern at Rainbow Row is the located next to the oldest liquor store in the country and is an iconic historic attraction in Charleston. This customer came to us with a unique concept for this purchased previously draft beer tower in Charleston SC.

This building, being built in the 1600’s, presented lots of challenges, however, our crack team of experts were able to provide unique solutions to help this client’s vision come to life!  We utilized 3 different back bar units to hold the kegs and run glycol systems from each.  All the while keeping in mind the historical constraints that we faced during the installation.

We are proud that crisp, refreshing draft beer is now pouring at The Tavern at Rainbow Row and know that many locals and tourists alike are enjoying what AHFP was able to provide to the Tavern at Rainbow Room.

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If you’re looking for a custom draft beer tower near Charleston, please click here to submit an online service call!

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